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5 benefits of beards that will make you grow one now!

The benefits of beards are plentiful, but there a some that you might not automatically think of. for example there is some evidence that a beard can be good for your health, love life, and self-esteem. So here are 5 that we think will make you want to start growing one now!

Two hand in a handshake.
Benefits of beard No.1: Perceived to be more trustworthy

Do you wish to appear more trustworthy? Then it might be time for you to grow a beard!

One study by the Department of Psychology, Neuroscience, and Behaviour at McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada, found that regardless of sexual preference, people find bearded men to be more trustworthy than non-bearded men.

To test this, scientists selected random images of Caucasian males between the ages of 18 and 30. Half of them were bearded, and the other half non-bearded.

These images were then paired with experimental questions that measured participants’ perception of trustworthiness.

The study showed that of all the men chosen by the participants when answering questions asserting trustworthiness, 70% were of bearded men.

So there it is, being bearded makes you appear more trustworthy. Don’t abuse this power though gentlemen!

Benefits of beards: Bearded man sunbathing.
Benefits of beard No.2: Protection from Harmful UV

Rays from the sun are very damaging to our skin and are among the leading causes of skin cancer. But it appears that one of the benefits of beards are they could prevent you from Cancer research has suggested.

The sun is also known to have a detrimental effect on the skin by making it age faster. 

According to researchers from the University of Southern Queensland, a beard can protect you from between 90 and 95 per cent of harmful UV rays with a UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) of up to 21. 

The amount of UV protection will depend on the length and angle of your beard, though. A longer beard will give you more security, but it’s still important to use sunscreen when you go outside.


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benefits of beards: Bearded man in scarf in the snow.
Benefits of beard No.3: Keep you warm in Winter

Feel cold when you step outside in the wintertime? Then grow a beard! The longer the beard, the better!

Beards help keep our faces warm and insulate the face by adding a layer of protection to your chin and neck. The longer and fuller the beard, the better it will protect your face. Im sure most of you have experienced the cold weather in the winter and freezing wind biting your face, without having anything to cover it with. However, having a beard means you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

It turns out that your body is pretty cleaver, and will adjust the hairs that make up your beard in the cold and make them stand up to trap heat close to your skin. This will make you feel a whole lot warmer than you would otherwise.

A Chinese study from 2012 also found that men’s fuzzy upper lips were one degree warmer than their cheeks, further indicating facial hair does protect against cold temperatures.

It is worth noting however that exposing your beard to snow, ice, and other wintry precipitation is not such a great idea. It could build up in your beard which will cause you to feel colder than you would without a beard. So make sure that you keep your beard free if Snow and Ice.

As long as you’re able to avoid getting snow and ice in your beard, you can stay warm in the winter when you have a beard. It’s one of the most underrated benefits of beards.

Not only that, but as an added bonus, facial hair will also prevent your skin from chapping and turning red.

benefits with beards: Man blowing his nose with a tissue.
Benefits of beard No.4: Reduce Hay Fever, Asthma, and allergens

8 million people – over 12% of the population – have been diagnosed with asthma. If you’re one of them, you will no doubt be more than aware of how important it is to prevent asthma attacks from striking where you can.

Excessive exercising or stress, as well as breathing in too much cold air are all things that can lead to an asthma attack. But did you know that inhaling too much dust can also cause an asthma attack to occur?

Beards can make things easier for men who suffer from asthma. they can prevent dust and pollen from getting into the respiratory system. The Beard and moustache act like a filter which stops allergens from settling. It can also ward off throat diseases and reduce conditions such as hay fever and other allergies.

It will come as no surprise then that it is vital to regularly clean your beard to remove the trapped dust, allergens, and bacteria.

Benefits of beards: Bearded man and lady holding hands and lovingly looking at each other.
Benefits of beard No.5: Makes you look masculine and more attractive

Most men who grow a beard will probably agree that one of the benefits of beards is it makes you feel more masculine and confident.

This would now appear to be back up by science as a study conducted a few years ago has revealed that men who have beards reported feeling more attractive and more confident because of them.

This is further supported by another study by German consumer-goods company Braun which has shown that out of 1,000 New York men surveyed, over half of them said they feel more attractive with a beard.

Clear then Beards give us men a good feeling, basting out confidence, but will a potential partner actually find you more attractive because of your beard? According to research published in Evolution and Human Behaviouryes, with it reporting both men and women perceive the bearded men more masculine and attracive. 

According to a Glasgow University study, having a beard accentuates your jaw size, making you look more masculine and, therefore, more attractive to women.

It is also thought thanks to other studies that women perceived men with full beards as more masculine and a better long-term partner.

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